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Dental veneers are considered a completely cosmetic answer to improve and brighten your smile. It is a minimally invasive procedure so pain and discomfort are not usually presented. Veneers help conceal imperfections on your teeth creating wonderful results.

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  • Recovery: 2 Weeks
  • Bruising Visible: No
  • Drained: No
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Who is a candidate?

People that have dental issues such as uneven and spaced teeth, stained, cracked, chipped or even crooked and or damaged.

They can be ceramic, porcelain or composite veneers depending on your desired results.


A consultation will be performed to evaluate the extent of the amount of teeth that will be fixed.

Surgery Details

On your first consultation a deep cleaning of your teeth will be performed. This cleaning procedure removes the enamel or shaving of your teeth for the placement of your veneers.

Then a mouth impression will be taken so the doctors lab can design your permanent veneers. You will leave with temporary fitted veneers while your final teeth are ready to be placed.

On your second visit, your temporary veneers are removed and your permanent ones are placed. Now you will be ready to enjoy your new beautiful smile.

After Surgery

Since it is a very minimal and invasive procedure your doctor will only recommend to avoid any kind of food or water intake 2 hours after your procedure is performed until the effect of the anesthesia is gone, daily hygiene brushing, mouthwash and regular visits to your dentist.

Home Recovery

• Daily buccal hygiene like brushing and mouthwash use.
• Regular visits will be recommended to your dental hygienist.


Dr. Kim


Mexicali BC Mexico

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Dr Jorge Jimenez


Los Algodones BC Mexico

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Veneers in Mexico.

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    Circle Dental Group

    Los Algodones BC, Mexico

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    IPSE Dental Clinic

    Mexicali BC, Mexico

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    Hospital de la Familia

    Mexicali BC Mexico

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    Rilassare Stem Cells Clinic

    Tijuana BC Mexico

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    Does it hurt to get Veneers?

    Temporary discomfort is expected such as sensitivity for cold or hot beverages. Also a little bruising or swelling on your gums can be experienced. All these discomforts will be gone in a couple of days.

    How many nights do I need to stay?

    The process for placing veneers can take up to 1 to 2 weeks and it requires about three visits to complete of the process.

    Can I come by Myself?

    Yes, we have a full support team that assists medical travelers that come by themselves during the entire experience

    Is it safe to travel to Tijuana, Los Algodones or Mexicali ?

    It’s very safe especially for medical travelers as you are lodging and staying in the safest parts of town