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Lumbar Spine Surgery

Lumbar spine surgery involves treating compressed nerves in the lower (Lumbar) spine. The surgery improves the symptoms of persistent pain and numbness in legs that couldn’t be treated with non-surgical treatments. Lumbar spine surgery is beneficial in reducing the pressure on the nerves in the spine.

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  • Recovery: 2 Weeks
  • Bruising Visible: 2 Weeks
  • Drain: No
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Who is a Candidate

Lumbar Spine Surgery is crucial for people at high risk of developing spine disorders. Even if you are already suffering from back pain, lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and weight loss can help reduce discomfort and keep your condition from deteriorating. However, regardless of risk level, anyone might have back problems.
Various risk factors enhance the likelihood of developing back problems. You are an ideal candidate for lumbar spine surgery if:

  • You have chronic back pain
  • You have a disease such as a herniated disc or stenosis
  • You require a process that will help you to recuperate rapidly and return to your life as soon as possible
  • You are suffering from obesity
  • You do the heavy lifting
  • You have a family history of back discomfort
  • You have previously suffered from back injuries


Lumbar Spine Surgery requires trimming the hair around the surgical area and cleaning the area with a specific soap or antiseptic. The surgical team may request that hazardous germs in your nose be removed using a swab sample. Notify your doctor about any medications you are currently taking. Before the procedure, you may be advised to stop using certain drugs.

Surgery Details

The Lumbar Spine Surgery is conducted under a general anesthetic; you won’t feel any pain and will be unconscious throughout. The process takes an hour but might extend depending on the complexity of the procedure and your condition.
An X-ray will be used to calculate the precise amount of decompression required. Your back will be cut in the middle, with the incision going vertically along your spine. The factors that determine the complexity of lumber spine surgery are:

  • The number of discs or vertebrae needs to be addressed
  • The difficulty of the procedure
  • Spinal fusion

Your back muscles will be pulled away, revealing the back of your spine. The strain on the spinal cord or nerves will be relieved by gradually removing the damaged tissues or nerves. After sufficient decompression, the incision will be closed and stitched up, and the muscles will be sewn back together.

After Surgery

You can leave the hospital 1 to 4 days after the surgery, depending on the procedure’s complexity and your mobility level before the operation. Most patients may walk without assistance the day after their surgery, although more demanding activities must be avoided for roughly six weeks. After 3 to 6 weeks, you might be ready to return to work, though if you are required to lift heavy or large objects or are involved in extended periods of driving, you might need additional time off.
In the weeks after your Lumbar Spine Surgery, you will be guided to continue your recovery. You may begin practicing non-impact activities as part of physical rehabilitation three weeks after surgery. After six weeks, you can start a more intense fitness regimen. Even if you are feeling great, keeping on track and visiting your doctor as directed is critical.

Home Recovery

Once you are home, your back may probably feel tight and uncomfortable. In the weeks following your Lumbar Spine Surgery, you might have problems staying in one position for extended periods and require pain medication. Getting back to everyday life may take 4 to 6 weeks. Your back may need six months to a year to recover fully.
While your back heals, you might need to wear a back brace. And you might be required to attend physiotherapy sessions.


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Lumbar Spine Surgery in Mexico.

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    how can my doctor click help me

    With affordable Lumbar  Spine Surgeries and the Best Surgeons in Mexico

    Are your Doctor’s board certified?

    Yes!, all our doctor’s are completely certified and in constant medical training to learn about new surgical techniques and medical equipment for better results.

    How long is the recovery after Lumbar Spine Surgery?

    The next day after your surgery you will be encouraged to walk and move around your hospital room.  You will be discharged from 1 to 4 days afterwards depending on the severity of your case. It will take about 1 to 3 months to reach your expected level of mobility and function.

    Is it safe to travel to Mexicali for surgery ?

    Yes, Mexicali is a very safe city, and our hospitals and recovery houses are in very safe areas. Our My Doctor Click team will assist you personally during your visit.

    Do I have to stay in Mexicali for my entire recovery?

    If you do not live in the vicinity from Mexicali BC Mexico, yes we recommend you stay for a minimum of 10 nights of recovery with 10 physical therapy sessions by our professionals.