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Lower Body Lift (Circumcial Tummy Tuck)


A lower body lift, also known as a belt lipectomy or tummy tuck, offers the advantage of treating the buttocks, belly, waist, hips, and thighs – all at once – and is part of the Mommy Makeover package. It is a surgical procedure that efficiently removes the skin from the outer thighs and buttocks. Generally, people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have saggy skin may prefer to opt for a lower body lift. Employing cutting-edge tools and technology allows volume retention in the buttocks, avoiding a flattening effect. This treatment is usually combined with an abdominoplasty to contour the whole waistline. The lower body lift surgery is ideal for people with loose skin on their buttocks and outer thighs. Mommy Makeover

  • Price: $ 8250 USD 
  • Recovery: 10 nights min if flying
  • Bruising Visible: 2-3 Week
  • Drained: Yes
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Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Lower Body Lift?

You are an ideal candidate for a Lower body lift if:

  • You have lost weight by dieting or have had bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery
  • You have loose skin and cellulite below the waistline
  • Your hips, sides, thighs, inner thighs, and abdomen all have lost a considerable volume of skin
  • You have substantial skin laxity, extra skin, buttock ptosis (sagginess), and abdominal wall laxity
  • You are in good health and don’t have any chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease. People in bad health should avoid body sculpting treatments


It is important to consider all your concerns, options, reasons, and expectations regarding extra skin on your thighs and buttocks. The length and location of the scar on your thighs and buttocks may differ depending on whether the excess tissue is high above the buttocks or down around the saddlebags.

Although the lower body lift substantially influences the appearance of the thighs, it does not affect the look of the inner thighs. Your surgeon will examine your lower body thoroughly and provide you with particular instructions to help you get ready for the lower body lift surgery, such as:

  • Quit smoking
  • Take only prescribed medications
  • Proper cleaning
  • Restrict your diet the night before surgery

Surgery Details

The lower body lift extends the tummy tuck incision entirely around the lower torso, allowing your surgeon to elevate or resuspend the thighs and tighten the buttocks. Although your surgeon may utilize a different approach, we have enlisted the steps involved in the lower body lift surgery.

  • Your surgeon will make a circumferential incision around your torso, remove extra skin and fat below the incision, and realign and tighten your tissues
  • Your skin and underlying tissues will be suspended and tightened while the remaining skin in your buttocks and thighs is pushed upward.
  • After the surgeon has operated upon your back and sides, you will be positioned on your back so that the surgeon may treat your front side.
  • The surgeon will ask you to take one of the two options. Combining the lower body lift with abdominal sculpting, sometimes known as a belly tuck, is one possibility (abdominoplasty). If your abdomen does not require contouring, or you have previously undergone an abdominoplasty, you can opt for a combination of lower body lift and an inner thigh lift

After Surgery

In the lower body lift surgery, the length and pattern of incisions determine how much excess skin is removed and where it is positioned. After the surgery, your wounds will be bandaged in layers over drains – deep sutures within the underlying tissues – that help form the new contours to limit stretching and swelling. The surgeon will use sutures, skin adhesives, or tapes to seal the skin incisions.

Home Recovery

After your lower body lift surgery, you must apply bandages to guard the incisions as they heal. It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes to avoid swelling or discomfort. There will often be small tubes beneath your skin to remove extra fluid. To relieve pressure on the incision, it is better to spend most of your recuperation time sitting in a comfortable chair rather than reclining in bed.

  • Change bandages frequently
  • Take care of your drains.
  • Rest and follow a healthy diet
  • Avoid bending at the waist or engaging in strenuous activities
  • Don’t work out or lift anything heavy for at least five to six weeks


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If you had Weight Loss surgery, Chances are a 360 Tummy Tuck is the right procedure for you.

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    Best Price Lower Body Lift

    Affordable Lower Body Lift With the Best Surgeons in Mexico

    How do I know im a candidate for Lower Body lift ?

    By sending us pictures. If you have acess skin in both Front & back Dorso, chances are a Lower Body Lift ( or 360 tummy Tuck ) is the right procedure for you. We can also add Inner Thigh Lift or Leg lift depending on case.

    How difficult is the recovery?

    Recovery can be difficult as you will have incisions in front and back area(s). We highly reccomend you stay with us for a minimum of 10 nights of recovery if you are flying.

    What if I only do Tummy Tuck and Not Lower Body Lift ?

    It will depend on your pictures if you are a candidate for Tummy Tuck with Liposuction or Lower Body Lift. You can start with  Tummy Tuck and then the back lift ( 4-6 months later )  if its more convenient.

    What is the best price for Lower Body Lift ?

    Price for Lower Body Lift is $ 8,250 USD ( includes 3 Hospital nights ). There are extras that you need to consider like recovery etc please contact us for more details.