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Hernia Repair 

A hernia repair is a surgical procedure to fix several types of hernias. These procedures are also known as herniorrhaphy.

A hernia occurs when part of an internal organ or body part protrudes into an area where it should not. The most common hernias occur in the abdomen, groin, and diaphragm areas. A small portion of the intestine, or a piece of fat, pokes through a weak area in the muscular wall of the abdomen. This causes an abnormal bulge under the skin of the abdomen, usually near the groin or navel.

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  • Recovery: 10 days 
  • Bruising Visible: 2-3 months
  • Drained: no 
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Who is a Candidate

You may choose to have surgery if:

1. The hernia is causing discomfort or limiting your activities.
2.  The hernia is growing larger.
3. You and your doctor are worried about the risk of the bowel getting trapped.


We will perform CBC Blood Test, Blood Chemistry, Anti-doping and HIV test before surgery as well as an EKG. Please come prepared for surgery. The best way to prepare for surgery is:

  • Eat Healthy Foods and Drink Lots of Water
  • Avoid High Sugar Foods, High Fatty Foods, Alcohol and Cigarettes for 3 weeks before surgery
  • Excercise for 1 hour starting 3 weeks before surgery
  • Vitamin suppliments are ok

Surgery Details

There are two ways to repair a hernia:


Traditional (open surgery) hernia repair – The surgeon cuts open through the skin. He or she fixes the hernia through an opening that is several inches long.

Laparoscopic hernia repair – In this less-invasive procedure, the surgeon makes several small holes through the skin. He or she inserts a laparoscope and long-handled surgical instruments through these small holes. (A laparoscope is a telescope-like instrument with a camera on the end.)

Depending on the type ans size of the hernia you have a mesh could be placed.

After Surgery

You will be monitored closely and given antibiotics and pain medication. Most people recover within a few hours and can go home the next day after surgery. Depending on your type of work you can go back to it in 1 or 2 weeks after surgery.
You will have to consult your doctor for resuming specific work or sport activities such as heavy labor or lifting.

Home Recovery

Following are some common after-care instructions:


• Take the prescribed medications like antibiotics and pain medications to alleviate any discomfort.
• Daily showers
•  4weeks after surgery you can start any physical activity gradually.
• Drink plenty of fluids
• Take adequate rest
• Keep checking up with your doctor


Marco Sarinana


Mexicali BC Mexico

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Hernia Repair can be affordable in Mexico.

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    Hospital de la Familia

    Mexicali BC Mexico

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    Hospital de las Californias

    Mexicali BC Mexico

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    Sanatorio Quiroz

    Mexicali BC Mexico

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    Alice Beauty Med

    Tijuana BC Mexico

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    How My Doctor Click can help you

    Best Price for Hernia Repair  in Mexicali & Tijuana Mexico

    Where are your procedures performed?

    In Mexicali BC Mexico at Hospital de la Familia, Hospital de las Californias in Mexicali

    and at Alice Beauty Clinic in Tijuana Mexico

    Do I have to stay in Mexico for my entire recovery?

    You can, we have great Hotel options and Recovery Houses as well.  Or, you can recover in Calexico CA ( for Mexicali patients ) or San Diego CA ( for Tijuana patients ) if you prefer to recover in the USA.

    How long is the recovery?

    Avoid Physical Labor for 3 weeks. Do not lift heavy objects for 6 weeks. You will be prescribed medication for your recovery as well as other instructions.

    Is it safe to travel to mexico for surgery ?

    Yes, Mexicali is a very safe city, and our hospitals and recovery houses are in very safe areas. Tijuana is also very safe for medical travelers especially in the Zona Rio area where we operate. Our My Doctor Click team will assist you personally during your visit.