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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a weight-loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is another name for weight-loss surgery. This procedure is sometimes called vertical sleeve gastrectomy or sleeve gastrectomy (VSG). Your food intake is limited after gastric sleeve surgery, which causes weight reduction. From 50 to 90 pounds might be lost.

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  • Recovery: 1 Week
  • Bruising Visible: 2 Week
  • Drained: Not likely 
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You are the ideal candidate for gastric sleeve surgery if:

  • You have severe obesity (class III)
  • No success losing weight
  • You are mentally prepared for the surgery and the consequences



If you qualify for gastric sleeve surgery, the next phase is a two-week liquid. You will be given detailed instructions to follow by your surgeon. In order to make the procedure safer, it is intended to shed part of the belly and liver fat.

Before your procedure, you won’t be allowed to eat or drink anything for 12 hours. If you are a smoker, you will need to stop for several months before surgery.

Surgery Details

The procedure lasts for roughly an hour and is performed under general anesthesia. A laparoscope, which is a equipment with a tiny camera that delivers images to a monitor, will be inserted into your abdomen through a few small slits made by your surgeon. After making more cuts, the surgeon will use other medical tools to remove 3/4 of your stomach. The remainder of your stomach will then be reattached to create the “sleeve” or tube.

After Surgery

You’ll visit your healthcare practitioner frequently for checkups in the next weeks and months. They’ll keep tabs on how much weight you’re losing, any underlying medical issues, and any negative surgical side effects. To sustain your health and weight reduction, they’ll also want to know that you’re taking good care of yourself and adhering to the appropriate lifestyle rules.

Home Recovery

Before you expect to feel completely well or be able to resume working at your full ability, give yourself at least a month. Many people experience weariness or exhaustion during this period as their bodies attempt to recuperate while adapting to the calorie restriction. You will only be able to handle a liquid diet for the first several weeks. You will eventually transition to a soft diet and then solid meals.


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Gastric Sleeve in Mexico has never been Easier!

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    Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

    Affordable Gastric Sleeve Surgeries with the Best Surgeons in Mexico

    How do I know if I am a candidate for Gastric Sleeve?

    if you have a BMI of over 33 and you have tried everything to loose the weight, chances are Gastric Sleeve is a good fit for you.

    How quickly can I loose weight?

    The weight loss starts right after the procedure but it can take several months to loose 40-100 lbs. This procedure is a tool to help you loose weight but it’s important that you control your calorie intake to maximize results.

    How long do I need to stay ?

    If you are flying down for surgery, you should consider a minimum of 3 nights of recovery prior to flying back home.

    Can I come by Myself?

    Yes, we have a full support team that assists medical travelers that come by themselves during the entire experience