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Full mouth restoration


A full mouth restoration or reconstruction consists of replacing all of the patients teeth. By doing this procedure the patient will achieve a beautiful smile and ideal oral health.

This procedure can take several oral surgery visits depending on the chosen treatments and desired results.

  • Price: Request a quote
  • Recovery: 1 Week – 4 Months
  • Bruising Visible: 1 Week
  • Drained: Not Likely
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Who is a candidate for Full Mouth Restoration?

Patients who have severe damaged teeth, gums or jawbone, general oral health and functional problems or for multiple cosmetic issues.


First you will need a consultation where an x-ray of your mouth will most likely be taken to see the extent of your problem and if it’s necessary to have this procedure done.

The doctor will give you specific instructions on what to do 24 hrs before your procedure. They usually consist of not having any kind of alcoholic beverages and to avoid smoking 2 weeks before and after the procedure, have healthy meals and take a pain relieving medication before the procedure usually ibuprofen.

Surgery Details

This procedure can take several oral surgery visits depending on the chosen treatment and desired results.

Depending on you and and doctors recommendations different procedures will be performed to achieve desired results. It can involve dental implants, veneers, crowns, periodontal treatments, aligners and much much more.

After Surgery

After any procedure it is very important to keep your area clean. So your doctor will most likely prescribe you pain medication, antibiotics and an antibacterial mouthwash to keep germs and bacteria controlled.

You will need to avoid chewing any kind of food on the treated area until your area is fully recovered.

Home Recovery

Swelling and a little pain is expected. So pain relievers and antibiotics will be prescribed. Also an ice pack will help with swelling and pain reduction. A soft diet will also be recommended to avoid discomfort.


Dr. Kim


Mexicali BC Mexico

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Dr Jorge Jimenez


Los Algodones BC Mexico

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Full mouth restoration in Mexico.

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    Los Algodones BC, Mexico

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    How can My Doctor Click Help me?

    Dental Procedures – Provided by the Best Doctors in Mexico

    Is it safe to travel to mexico for surgery ?

    Yes, Mexicali is a very safe city, and our hospitals and recovery houses are in very safe areas. Our My Doctor Click team will assist you personally during your visit.

    Is it safe to bring back my prescription medication through the border?

    Yes, you will be leaving with your signed prescription medication so you won’t have any trouble when you go through customs.

    Can I come by myself?

    Yes! Our My Doctor Click team can provide assistance for anyone considering traveling solo. We would need to discuss in advance all logistics & stays prior to finalizing itinerary.

    Do I need a Passport to cross back to the USA?

    Although it’s the best choice of ID when you travel and cross through international boarders, it is not necessary. A valid and current picture ID such as a Drivers license and a copy of your birth certificate will do.