Do I need a Passport to go to México?

It’s highly recommended you have one, but not necessary. A valid updated picture ID like a Drivers License and a copy of your birth certificate is enough to cross Mexico/US boarders

What do I bring with me?

Remember you are here for surgery so loose and comfortable clothes are mostly recommended. Travel light with as less you can because you will probably not be recommended to lift anything above 15 lbs after any kind of procedure

How long do I need to stay recovering in the area?

That will depend on your particular surgery and/or procedure.  Your My Doctor Click Case Manager will provide you with complete details and recommendations once you start planning your trip. It is typical to stay for at least 2 nights and up to 2 weeks in the area, but again, this will depend on your particular surgery and condition.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Yes! When you arrive under our care we have a team that will help you through your stay. Ask for our list of recommended hotels and recovery houses chosen for their location and quality to accommodate your budget.

Can I travel by myself for surgery?

Of course you can! We recommend to bring someone for emotional support, but it’s safe to travel solo.

Are your Doctors board certified and legit?

Of course they are. If you look at their fact sheets you can see their practice licenses. Every year all Doctors have to go to different certification process so they can keep their license and get updated on new techniques and technology for better results for their patients.

Where are My Doctor Click's affiliated Hospitals Located?

At the moment, My Doctor Click is featuring Clinics & Hospitals in Mexicali BC Mexico, and Tijuana BC Mexico. These destinations can be easily accessed by flying or driving to San Diego CA, Yuma AZ, or Calexico CA in the US were a My Doctor Click driver can meet you and transport you safely across the border.

Can I bring Medication with me?

Of course you can. As long as you have your prescription with you, crossing the boarder back and forth is no problem. All recreational drugs are illegal in Mexico.

Can I cross medication from Mexico to the US?

Yes. A prescription will be issued so you can cross your medication to the US without any problems.

What essentials are recommended?

You can buy everything you need here. But if you have special or specific brands you like, we recommend you bring them with you. A small list:
Body Wash and Cream
Sleeping Aids
Nausea Pills
Bladder Movement Aids
Body Garments
BBL Pillows
Compression Socks
Medical Treatment Supplies such as Antiseptic Spray, gauze, dressings, medical tape,etc..
Comfort Snacks

Is the water clean?

The water is clean. But its not purified for drinking. So you will have to purchase water bottles during your stay.

Is the food safe?

The food is AMAZING our culinary cuisine is top level. But remember you are coming for surgery and rest so we recommend much more simple and healthy food for a faster recovery. If family is coming with you we strongly recommend to download a food delivery app please ask us for some recommendations.

Are the hotels safe?

We provide a list of hand chosen hotels under different budgets that are clean safe and comfortable, located on key parts of the city for easier access to food and medical care.

Do I need preops before my surgery?

Yes you do as well as an Internal Medical Evaluation from a Mexican Doctor.

Can I do my preops in the US?

Yes you can. They have to be done 1-3 weeks before your surgery date, more than 3 weeks old results are invalid. Please ask your My Doctor Click contact for a list of all the Preops you have to have done. If you are missing any you can have them done here upon arrival.