How long do I need to stay recovering in the area?

That will depend on your particular surge. I request. Your Click to Clinic Case Manager will provide you with complete
details once you start planning your trip. It is typical to stay for at least 2 nights and up to 2weeks in the area, but again,
this will depend on your particular surgical repo-1st and condition.

Can I travel by myself for surgery?

The short answer is yes If you decide to travel on your own, our In-house Click to Clinic Concierge team will assist you
during your time outside the country for surgery.

Where is Click to Clinic affiliated Hospitals Located?

At the moment, Click to Clinic is featuring Clinics& Hospitals in Mexicali BC Mexico, and Tijuana BC Mex,
These destinations can be easily accessed by flying or driving to San! Diego CA, Verna AZ, or Calexico CA the USA were a Click.
Clinicdriver can meet you and transport you across the border.