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Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical treatment that involves the grafting of silicone or saline implants to improve breast size and form. The ultimate objective of breast lift and augmentation is to enhance a patient’s natural features and produce a more symmetrical, aesthetically acceptable breast profile.

Breast augmentation is one of the most successful and sought-after treatments for adjusting visible breast asymmetry. Breast implants can be utilized to address tuberous breast abnormalities. Other typical reasons for breast augmentation include:

  • Restoring breasts after pregnancy and nursing
  • Feeling more at ease in a swimsuit
  • Increasing balance to compliment curvaceous hips
  • Improving Self-Image
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  • Recovery: 1 Week
  • Bruising Visible: 2 Week
  • Drained: Yes
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Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Generally, the ideal candidates for breast lift and augmentation surgery are women with a healthy lifestyle who have reasonable expectations about what breast augmentation therapy might help them achieve. You are an ideal candidate for the surgery if:

  • You have good physical and mental health
  • You are at least18 years old (for saline implants) or 22 years old (for titanium implants) (for silicone gel implants)
  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Possess fully developed breasts.


Breast augmentation surgery should be conducted in a hospital, certified outpatient, or ambulatory surgical center. If your breast lift and augmentation surgery are outpatient, it is better to arrange for someone to drive you to and from surgery and stay with you for at least the first night.

You may be required to consider the following factors that may influence your preparation for breast lift and augmentation surgery:

  • Obtain a blood test
  • Take specific meds or make changes to your present medications
  • Quit smoking
  • Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided since they might cause excessive bleeding.
  • Stop using recreational drugs

Surgery Details

The surgeon will remove your breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissue of your chest after making an incision. This generates a pocket behind or in front of the chest wall’s outermost (pectoral) muscle. The surgeon will insert the cohesive-gel implant into this pocket and center beneath your nipple(s).

When saline implants are fixed, they are empty and then filled with sterile salt water. Silicone gel is pre-filled into silicone implants. After inserting the implant, the surgeon will seal the incision with stitches (sutures) and wrap it with skin adhesive and surgical tape.

After Surgery

You will most likely feel weakness after the procedure. It may be uncomfortable for 1 to 3 weeks,  especially if you decided to do Breast Augmentation with Lift. You can experience a tugging or stretching sensation in your breast implants. You should feel better and stronger every day, but you may require pain relieving medicines for a week or two. You may feel sleepy or have less energy than normal. This situation might persist for many weeks following surgery.

The majority of sutures are primarily absorbable, but some sutures might need removal several weeks after. Your new breasts should firmer and rounder. Your breasts’ skin may feel numb but should improve over time. You may experience some loss of sensation around your breast(s).

Home Recovery

  • It is vital to take a break from everything once you are home
  • Getting adequate sleep can assist you in recovering from breast augmentation surgery, fast
  • Avoid lifting anything that may cause you to strain for roughly 2 to 3 weeks and anything above your head for the next two to three weeks. Examples include hefty shopping bags, milk containers, a heavy briefcase or backpack, cat litter or dog food bags, a vacuum cleaner, or a toddler
  • Enquire with your doctor about when you can drive again
  • If you do not have a drain near your incision, you can take your first shower the next day. If you have one, you can shower the day after a drain is removed.


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Breast Implants in Mexico have never been Easier! .

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    Breast Implants in Mexico

    Breast Implants Surgery  are performed both in Mexicali & Tijuana Mexico

    is it safe to get breast implants in Mexico ?

    Yes, our My Doctor Click team will escort you from the USA to Mexico and will assist you during your entire medical travel experience.

    How long do I have to stay?

    We recommend you staying at least 3 nights if flying back home.

    What type of Breast Implants do you use?

    Cohesive gel gummy bear implants from Nagor, Mentor, Silimed, and Eurosilicone.

    Can I come by myself?

    Yes! Our My Doctor Click team can provide assistance for anyone considering traveling solo. We would need to discuss in advance all logistics & stays prior to finalizing intinerary.