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All on four / All on six


These procedures consist on replacing all upper or lower teeth with a permanent prosthesis on the jawbone using four or six implants. This procedure is anchored so it can stay fixed in its place so no daily removal is necessary.

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  • Recovery: 1 Week
  • Bruising Visible: 1 – 3 Weeks
  • Drained: No
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Who is a candidate?

Patients who have lost their front teeth on upper and lower jaw are perfect candidates. Since this procedure usually does not require bone grafting it is a perfect option to restore your smile.


First your doctor will do a check up for evaluation and depending on the condition of your upper or lower jawbone density the procedure will be programmed and the doctor will give you specific details and instructions for your procedure.

Surgery Details

First the doctor will sedate you. Depending of each case, it could be local or IV anesthesia. Removal of the teeth is proceeded and dental implants are placed on the desired jawbone. While your mouth is healing a temporary prosthesis will be attached so you can leave the same day with a smile.

After Surgery

Your mouth will be healing so a special diet will be provided to reduce pain and faster healing so hard chewing is not recommended. Your bone structure will start to change shape so it can adapt to the new fixture. After about 3 months you will be ready and a permanent denture is placed on the implants. And Done! Enjoy your new beautiful smile.

Home Recovery

The doctor will give you antibiotic and pain medication.

He can also give you special creams and mouthwashes for cleaning and faster healing.

A special diet with food restrictions will be recommended to reduce discomfort.

Consultation visits will also be recommended to verify correct healing and make sure everything is going well and on schedule.


Dr. Kim


Mexicali BC Mexico

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Dr Jorge Jimenez


Los Algodones BC Mexico

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All on four / All on six in Mexico.

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    Circle Dental Group

    Los Algodones BC, Mexico

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    IPSE Dental Clinic

    Mexicali BC, Mexico

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    How do I know Im a candidate for the All on Four?

    We will need to see a Panoramic Xray to determine how many teeth are strong and how many would need bone graft. We might be able to save some teeth and work around with Bridges, or we can extract all teeth and do an All on Four, we will determine this with Panoramic Xray

    Where are you located?

    Our Dentists are located in Los Algodones, Mexicali BC Mexico and Tijuana BC Mexico. We can provide transportation from San Diego CA or Yuma AZ ( round trip ) and assist you with Lodging and logistics.

    How many nights do I need to stay for the All on Four?

    We advise you consider a minimum of 4 nights in your first visit and in your 2nd visit a minimum of 3 nights if you are flying for treatment.

    Is it safe to travel to Tijuana, Los Algodones or Mexicali ?

    It’s very safe especially for medical travelers as you are lodging and staying in the safest parts of town