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ACL & Meniscus Repair

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, is a crucial component of the knee that connects the hamstring and quadriceps to the lower leg bones.

ACL and meniscus repair surgery replace or repair a torn ACL. The ACL stabilizes your knee joint and is one of the four main knee ligaments.

ACL and meniscus repair surgery aim to reduce discomfort in your knee  while helping you regain stability of the joint. You can discuss with your surgeon whether ACL and meniscus repair surgery is the appropriate course of action for you and, if so, how to go about it. It is better to keep yourself abreast with the alternatives for ACL surgery.

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  • Recovery: 10 days 
  • Bruising Visible: 2-3 months
  • Drained: no 
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Who is a Candidate

The ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair are ideal for people with a complete ACL tear or other knee issues. Athletes often experience ACL tears and require reconstructions, particularly in sports like soccer, football, and athletics. These sports can result in the ACL being strained, torn, or separated from the joint because of the quick-twitch, pivoting movements and continual motion of the knee joint.

Your physician might recommend ACL surgery for you if:

  • You experience signs of instability, such as knee pain and a knee that gives way while carrying out regular tasks
  • Your growth plates have been closed since you were young
  • Nonsurgical treatment such as physical therapy and rehabilitation couldn’t work
  • You Get an MRI and he can see that Ligament is torn or deeply damaged


The torn knee ligament is cut out and replaced with fresh tissue either from another area of your knee or a deceased donor. Moreover, surgeons prefer to conduct closed-knee surgery rather than making minor incisions around the knee and inserting equipment and camera(s) into the knee. Hence, there is a reduced chance of skin scarring and systemic infection from fully extending the knee.

Surgery Details

ACL and meniscus repair involves tiny, button-hole-sized incisions. A tendon graft from another part of the leg or healthy cadaver tissue is necessary for severe tears.
One of the most frequent arthroscopic procedures is the repair of a torn meniscus and reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). These structures have different roles within the knee. The ACL aids in supporting and stabilizing the joint. In the knee, there are two menisci. The articular cartilage, the lining of the bones that enables them to slide smoothly against one another during motion, is protected by these c-shaped cartilage “cushions.” (Arthritis is brought on by damage to or loss of articular cartilage.) By dispersing the weight across the knee, these structures also serve as shock absorbers. ACL and meniscal injuries are frequent, especially in athletes.

After Surgery

After an ACL and meniscus repair surgery, most patients return home the same day. You can wear a knee brace to keep the knee stable while it heals. Some people wear the brace for added security when participating in sports or other demanding activities. Physical therapy is a crucial component of healing. You will gradually regain stability. Your body will take about four to six months to heal and recover fully from the surgery.

Home Recovery

You will experience pain in your swollen knee after the operation. You’ll quickly get back on your feet if you follow directions, take your medication, and use the available tools and supplies to speed up the healing process. Before leaving the doctor’s office, ensure you know how to change your dressings and have the right wound care supplies available at home.
Your physician will recommend you to see a physical therapist during your recovery period so they can help you regain the motion and balance in your knee. However, just those sessions won’t be enough to restore your entire knee function. Exercises prescribed by your therapist can help you recover your range of motion and hasten the healing process.


Juan Bustamante


Mexicali BC Mexico

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ACL surgery can be affordable in Mexico.

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    Mexicali BC Mexico

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    How My Doctor Click can help you

    Best Price for ACL surgery  in Mexicali & Tijuana

    Where are your procedures performed?

    In Mexicali BC Mexico at Hospital de la Familia.

    Do I have to stay in Mexicali for my entire recovery?

    If you do not live in the vicinity from Mexicali BC Mexico, yes we recommend you stay for a minimum of 10 nights of recovery with 10 physical therapy sessions by our professionals.

    How long is the recovery?

    Months, when you get ACL, you need to do physical therapy and you need to do excercises by yourself to get the strength and flexibility back. It can take 3 months before you can go back to the Gym ( restrictions apply ).

    Is it safe to travel to mexico for surgery ?

    Yes, Mexicali is a very safe city, and our hospitals and recovery houses are in very safe areas. Our My Doctor Click team will assist you personally during your visit.