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About Us

My Doctor Click is a Software-oriented Medical Tourism Platform focused on satisfying the overall medical travel experience for both our Patients & In-Network Providers. Our Step-by-Step process allows you to navigate & select the medical services you need, followed by easy-to-understand next steps instructions. Our team will assist you in  How to Prepare for surgery, Travel Arrangements, At-location assistance & concierge, Aftercare, and more. 


At My Doctor Click, we have carefully selected to affiliate with only a number of providers who have constantly proven successful outcomes. Additionally, we establish our In-House concierge team in all our destinations to provide immediate support before, during, and after your treatment. This is the My Doctor Click  Guarantee! 


  • Personalized Case Manager dedicated to your case
  • Reservations & Logistics Assistance
  • Transportation Services
  • American Standards Facilities
  • In-House Concierge Assistance
  • Best Price Guarantee!
  • Board Certified Surgeons 
  • After surgery-Assistance & Support 
  • Full Circle Medical Tourism Experience
  • TPA Administrative Services

our values

Our constant persuit of perfecting the focal points of a Full-Circle Medical Travel Experience is what passionates us, but it
doesn’t come short of a challenge. With so many options online who do you know to trust? Fortunately, My Doctor Click
has created a Full-Transparency and Full-Support Program that facilitates all aspects of your medical tourism experience. 

Patient rights

 We believe it’s important that both Patients & providers understand the parameters & responsibilities of each entity. This understanding right from the start is key to a successful surgical outcome. As a person who travels to get treated outside your country,  My Doctor Click will ensure that your rights are just as respected as locals. 

  •  Right to obtain your surgeon’s credentials, license information, and previous history of practice
  • Right to obtain the hospital’s credentials, license information, and previous history of practice
  • Right to consult with your specialists before surgery to go over the surgical plan in-person
  • Right to ask as many questions as necessary to make an informed decision
  • Right to keep your medical records confidential
  • Right to cancel/ deny surgery or services ( penalties may apply )
  • You are entitled to the same rights as any nationalized citizen that obtains surgery in a specific country from the National Department of Health. 

Health provider rights

As a Health Provider in the My Doctor Click network, We are commited  to preparing our patients for surgery, going over the “Do’s & Don’t” related to their particular surgery request. It’s very important that not only our patients, but our medical providers are comfortable with the patients they approve, so we established a short list of Health Provider Rights obligations from the My Doctor Click network to all our joined medical providers  when joining our network 

  • The clarity in patient profiles and medical questionnaires
  • The clarity in Medical Reports ( if needed )
  • Patient Preparation before surgery for clearance
  • Reservations assistance
  • Payment Facilitation
  • Full “In-House Support” during patients visit
  • After-surgery assistance & Follow-ups

How My Doctor Click  Can Help Me

Best Prices  with the Best Specialists  in Mexico & Costa Rica

Our Talented Surgeons are Board Certified with Advanced Training in a number of Specialties.

All-inclusive Surgical Packages & Treatments

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At My Doctor Click, We’ve partnered with Financing companies that can pay  100% of your surgical fees while you pay back in
partial payment over years. The opportunity to get surgery may not always show up at the right financial times, so
we are here to help you during those financial needs! Please discuss with us what your financial situation may be and we will
gladly provide you with all the options we have prepared for you.

How to Pay

We’ve made how to pay easier than ever by offering a wide range of Payment options for you.  Please
let us know what your preferred payment method from our payment options and we will gladly assist you to get this out of the way so you can
concentrate on what’s important:  your life-changing event!

Blog & Articles

The medical tourism industry is growing! What’s the reason?  Because It Working! Foreigners are finding American Standard’s healthcare
abroad and saving thousands of dollars by doing it. At My Doctor Click, we are in constant pursuit of perfection so all our
patients get the best Medical Travel services found in Mexicali & Tijuana Mexico